CMS insurance valuations

CMS Insurance Valuation - updated FREE of charge

All pieces I make come with a CMS Insurance Valuation detailing the item for insurance replacement purposes. Your valuation will be updated FREE of charge every 2 years making sure that you have the correct values applied. To see a PDF sample click here.

CMS bespoke jewellery design

Bespoke Design

Using my bespoke design service is not complicated or expensive, in fact I will be able to save you money. All it requires is dialogue with you to be able to bring to life your designs. It’s exciting to be involved when creating a special piece of jewellery, to start the process just fill out a bespoke design request.

CMS jewellery remodelling


Taking unused items of jewellery and remodelling them brings its own rewards, maintaining their links with the past, using the value of the parts rather than just scrapping them or leaving them in your jewellery box. To see whether your heirlooms can be given new a life just contact me and we can discuss your options.

CMS design vouchers

Design Vouchers

For those special occasions where you know the person you are giving it to will want to take part in the design, present them with a CMS Bespoke Design design folder with initial ideas to start the process. It’s a great way of showing that you have given real thought to a special gift. To see a sample PDF click here.

CMS jewellery repair

Jewellery Repairs

Unlike the gadgets and machines we have in our homes where replacement is the normal option when something goes wrong, most jewellery is worth repairing, even a professional clean and polish can make a huge difference. To see if you can start wearing that broken item again, just contact me so I can give you the right advice.

CMS seal engraving

Seal Engraving

This unique tradition of adding a family crest or a monogram to a signet ring has been around for many hundreds of years. Becoming an owner of a signet ring is a very special moment, so let me advise you on crests or design a monogram to suit, just contact me to discuss further.

CMS pearl stringing

Pearl Stringing

Most clients have pearls that need re-stringing. Let me take the stress out of the process, contact me and I can talk to you about your requirements.

CMS insurance advice

Insuring Your Jewellery

Having insurance cover is key to a more peaceful life, especially when it comes to making a claim. I have used TH March Insurance Brokers, specialists in the insurance of jewellery, for 30 years and they would be delighted to give you advice, whether its for just one piece or a collection. You can contact them on 01822 855555 or at

Please quote reference AC139T when online or when telephoning.