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My questions for you:  Would you like the piece of jewellery you are thinking about, to be just the same or something a bit different? Perhaps a different colour metal, diamond or gemstone?

Bespoke design is a shared process and we’ll work together to create a one-off engagement ring or special piece of jewellery – personal and just for you.

Having been a jeweller for many years, my traditional design process is now enhanced by technology. I can show you what your design ideas look like in real life, using computer aided design (CAD). You can try on as many 3D printed models as needed to check the fit and feel before I start making the final version.

The design process is flexible, creative and risk-free - you get exactly what you want.

We’ll start by discussing your ideas and I’ll explain about the components required i.e. metals, diamonds, and gemstones, then you can take control of the decisions. You’ll be able to review the designs as we go, as well as try them on, to make sure it’s perfect.

If you want to give or own a unique design then you, as I do, will love the way I work. It's fun, creative, rewarding and the final piece is - just what you wished for.